Inspection requirements and overload conditions of industrial dust collector
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        Industrial dust collector must check before use, open the cylinder cover is effective and effective examination of the dust storing bag is fastened and the suction mouth are fastened, and then effectively cover the cylinder cover, industrial dust collector needs effective check the power supply voltage and, if necessary, can pay attention to the motor reversing.
        Industrial vacuum cleaner industrial dust collector part adopts the belt type transmission to replace the new conveyor belt, in the process of using the vacuum cleaner of the back door opened, and then during the replacement, if the belt is loose, open the door, adjust the nut to the proper position.
        Industrial dust remover which need to be noticed in the use of ordinary type machine is strictly prohibited the use of flammable and explosive places, unless some special materials can not be sucked with bag of burning fire and ultra high temperature materials, equipment is strictly prohibited in the absence of filter, filter bag case.
        Industrial dust remover to continue to use in the absence of the dust filter bag case, this will directly damage the fan, when the bag filter and the equipment damaged, when using the need for timely replacement, can not continue to use.
        Vacuum hose industrial dust collector can not be compressed and worn, after the equipment box shell temperature is relatively high, especially in the continuous work for a long time, need to pay attention to burn, dust storage barrel savings too much debris should be cleared up, and regular cleaning of the filter bag and filter, to ensure the smooth flow of.
        Industrial dust collector overload, when using the thermal relay control box will automatically cut off its power supply, in this case must unplug the power plug, and then effectively find out the reason, until the thermal relay is reset after, in use; after the work is finished, the power should be cut off, placed in a cool dry place.
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