Dust removal effect and design requirements of dust collector
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        Dust collector in the process of work, good and bad will directly affect the reliable operation of the equipment dust removal system, in use, to some extent, is also related to the normal operation of the production system, as well as the fan blade wear and service life.
        In the process of design, the dust collector needs the correct design. During the selection and use of the dust collector, it is necessary to take full consideration of the equipment investment and operating costs, such as the dust removal efficiency and pressure loss of the dust collector.
        Different dust collector will have different dust removal effect in the process of using, the equipment in the operation condition is unstable or fluctuation of dust removal system, need to pay attention to the influence of the change of the amount of flue gas treatment on the equipment dust removal efficiency.
        In the normal operation of the dust collector, the use efficiency of the equipment is bag filter, cyclone dust collector, inertia dust collector and other equipment. In the process of equipment selection, the air volume, temperature and composition of the gas must be effectively considered.
        Precipitator temperature greater than 260 degrees, the flue gas should be effectively carried out before the use of effective cooling equipment is not suitable for treating high humidity and oily smoke purification, flammable and explosive gas purification for wet dust collector; cyclone air volume is limited when the flow rate is large, can use multiple dust parallel mode.
        Dust in the operation of the dust has a certain value of recovery, in use, suitable for its dry dust removal, when the purification of the gas need to be recycled, or after the purification of the air need to be recycled, the use of efficient bag filter.
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